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For more than 25 years Xtreme Polishing Systems has led the Concrete Surface Preparation and Concrete Polishing Industry helping you builds the very best concrete surface from scratch.

[Date, Place]- Xtreme Polishing Systems has a well over 25 years of service in the concrete surface preparation and concrete polishing industry by manufacturing and distributing concrete polishing machines, equipment and tooling, etc. XPS specializes in diamond polishing pads, floor grinding/polishing machines, concrete densifiers, epoxy floor coatings, concrete sealers, dyes, stains and a wide range of tools and chemicals which will assist you in building the top quality concrete floor for your work.

Proper Customer Service and assistance is something the company is known for. “They always answer their phone, as a small business owner this is very important to me! It’s reassuring to have Xtreme on my team & know that when I call they are there to help. The amount of knowledge Xtreme has in the epoxy and polished concrete industry is impressive” says one of the Contractors who availed the efficient XPS Service.

The Company is also known for putting up amazing offers such as getting a Samsung 55” TV free along with the purchase of either a Concrete Genie or Ultra Genie. The Phone Order / Online Services are available 24 hours a day. Their website also provides a detailed catalogue on their various products which you can either order/rent online or via phone.

The Company also aims at assisting their customers at every stage of construction helping build quality floors for life. Anyone involved in this field, whether it be flooring/concrete contractor or a DIY-er, XPS offers a personal one-on-one training program on concrete polishing lasting almost a week long. The training is personally provided by the owner along with other industry experts. They also have a devoted YouTube Channel where you can check out the videos about almost everything related to concrete polishing that you need to know to build the Concrete Polished Floors of your dreams.

About Xtreme Polishing Systems:

Xtreme Polishing Systems is a leading player in the concrete Industry with more than 25 years of service supplying Concrete Surface Preparation and Polishing equipment. The Company is a full service retail and Rental Company providing anything from tools and machinery to the abrasives and chemicals required. We extend our services throughout United States, Mexico, Canada, and overseas. With a Tagline of “Floors for Life” the company only delivers the utmost quality diamond and machinery to its both small and large customers.

To know more, visit, http://www.xtremepolishingsystems.com/

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