Xtreme Polishing Systems Announces the Availability of Scrubber Pads

Xtreme Polishing Systems Scrubber Pads

Want a great floor shine? Check our wide selection of scrubber pads

Florida Xtreme polishers have announced the availability of various scrubbing pads.

What are scrubber pads?

These are synthetic- natural pads, diameter in nature that have different grits and are used together with a burnishing machine or scrubber machine to maintain and restore coatings to high gloss sheen. This is made possible when the pads are speeds of 100-300 rpm.

Xtreme polishers have a wide variety of floor scrubbers, which are used to burnish and polish floors. The scrubbers are carefully selected from a range of manufacturers that give quality products. The pads can be used to burnish or polish floors to provide the concrete that needed an extra shine.Some of the burnish pads that are available in our stores include the below:

1.Roll-X Pad – burnishing pads are available in various sizes from 9-inch to 27-inch.Its special mesh provides a uniform finish.

2.Heat Pad – they come in various They have various features which include 90º+ Heat bonds silicate coatings, Uses unique heat shield, some of them are two sided.

3.Prem Burnishes –They are an aggressive blend of the proper amount of synthetic fiber with a heavy blend of natural hair.

4.Environmental Curing Pad – Provides the excellent appearance and results on asmooth stone, uneven floor surfaces or marble surfaces without marking or burning the floor. Good as a curing pad on soft coatings or a fresh coat.

5.Red Buffing Pad – The Pads restore gloss removing the scuff marks and dirt traffic on common To produce a sparkling shine, it can be used as spray or dry buffing. It is ideal for automatic scrubbing.

The pads are available in different grit such as 400,800, 1500 and 3000.

We also have various brands of polisher pads that have different diameter sizes. Some of the polisher scrubs that we include:

  • Heavy metal scrubs they include XPIS Heavy Metal Flex Pads, heavy metal flex.
  • Resin pads
  • Foam back pads
  • Ceramic resin pads
  • Resin bonded pads

According to the head of sales “Our wide variety enables them to choose from the industry best. Our prices are fair, and our customers’ service is excellent. The ones who have purchased from us have liked our product and our after sales services are always there to assist.”If you are looking for flooring scrubber pads, look no further than Xtreme polishers. We have the best brand of scrubber pads.

About Xtreme Polishing Systems

Xtreme Polishing Systems is a leading distributor and manufacturer of equipment and chemicals. Established in more than 25 years ago is a leader in concrete surface preparation and concrete polishing industry. It has its headquarters in Florida and has another in New Jersey. For more information, please visit https://www.xtremepolishingsystems.com/

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