Who is Nathalia Ramos, the Spanish Actress with Rahul Gandhi?


A photo of Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi with Spanish actress Nathalia Ramos has created a huge buzz on social media and some even started rumours about the two dating. The photo, which was clicked during Rahul’s two-week trip to the US, went viral after Ramos shared it on Twitter and Instagram.

In her post, Ramos called the Gandhi scion “insightful” and “eloquent” and that became a topic of discussion on Twitter with several people trolling him. Some even compared Ramos with Rahul’s mother and Congress president Sonia Gandhi.

“Last night with the eloquent and insightful @rahulgandhi. I feel so blessed to have the opportunity to meet and listen to so many brilliant thinkers from all parts and perspectives of the world. It is only with an open mind and open heart that we can really make the world a better place. Thank you @berggrueninst for opening mine. #IdeasMatter (sic),” she said.

But who Nathalia Ramos? Here are a few interesting facts about the actress you need to know.Nathalia_Ramos

Spanish Actress

Nathalia Ramos is Spanish-Australian actress, who was born in Madrid, Spain. Her father Juan Carlos Ramos Vaquero is a Spanish pop singer. She was the lead character in Nickelodeon television series House of Anubis in 2011.

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Her movies

She has acted in several movies, but is mostly known for playing Yasmin in the film Bratz (2007) and Jill in the horror film The Damned (2013). She has also acted in Switched At Birth TV show in 2014.

US Citizen

Ramos was born in Spain, but in 2016 she became a US citizen. On June 2, 2016, she posted a photo on Twitter saying she is an immigrant. “The day I became an American. #IAmAnImmigrant,” she tweeted.

A Surprising fact about herNathalia Ramos, the Spanish Actress

In 2012, Ramos in an interview revealed that she has two different ears. “I have two different ears. One of them has a crease and the other doesn’t. It’s my little secret. I didn’t even know until a girl pointed it out in fourth grade. Everyone would make fun of me for it and call me “Leprechaun.” I would go home crying every day. My mom even took me for a consultation with a plastic surgeon to get it fixed, but we decided to wait because I was really young. And then I got used to it, and now I love it and I don’t care. It’s my distinguishing feature. I want to tell girls to embrace your differences,” she said.


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