WhatsApp will finally let you delete sent messages, but only within a seven-minute window

WhatsApp will finally let you delete sent messages, but only within a seven-minute window

The much awaited feature to delete messages from WhatsApp has finally arrived for regular. Interestingly, the user has to delete the message within seven minutes of sending the message. Failing to do so in time will mean that the message is there to stay

You get two options when it comes to deleting messages. One is ‘Delete for Everyone’, the other is ‘Delete for Me’.

In the first one, ‘Delete for everyone’, the user can delete messages if a message has been sent to many or one receiver. On deleting the message, the recipient gets a message saying ‘This message was deleted’ in their chat. Similarly, if someone has deleted the message, the user will be notified of the same. However, WhatsApp does say that if the deletion is not successful, the sender will not be notified and the message can be viewed by the recipients.

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For this action, the user who has sent the message has to long press on the message. A delete option appears in the menu. This further gives the option of ‘Delete for everyone’.

One can also select multiple messages to delete them together.

It must be noted that for the message to be deleted successfully, the recipients must be using the latest version of WhatsApp.

The second feature is ‘Delete for Me’. Here the user has to long press the message. The delete option appears on the menu, following which, the user hits the ‘Delete for Me’ option. On doing so, the message will be deleted from a user’s chat history, but it will remain in the recipient’s inbox.

This feature is available on iOS, Android phones, and Windows phone users.

According to WABetaInfo, this deletion can happen if messages are in text, videos, GIFs, pictures, voice messages, quoted message (feature expected) and status replies. The option to recall stickers is yet to appear. Moreover, the update is not available for Symbian users.


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