Use Xtreme Polishing Equipment To Get The Perfect Concrete Polished Floors

Xtreme Polishing Concrete Polished Floors

When one enters an office, home or warehouse, one of the major features that capture attention is the floor. A well-polished floor can be a very welcoming and calming sight.

As much as concrete is hard, it can also be polished to give it a shine and sophisticated look. It is popular in schools, retail malls, warehouses, offices and many public spaces.

To get that shiny surface, it needs specialized equipment do that particular job. The equipment used is called a concrete grinder. They are usually used to grind down the surface of the concrete using a combination of diamond abrasives and metal bond. The floor is also treated with a densifier. Resin bond abrasives are also used to achieve the desired smoothness and shine.

Concrete diamond abrasives come in different grits from a high of 3000 grit to a minimum of 16 grit.To get the best result use the highest amount of grit 3000.For a floor to be considered polished, it has to reach a grit of above 400. The finished work is usually measured by grade and finish. The higher the finish, the shinier the polish and the higher the grade comes out to be, it tends to create larger the aggregates.

So what are the steps of polishing a concrete floor?

  1. Sweep clean the concrete and evaluate the hardness of the concrete by using Mohs concrete.
  2. Check for any cracks and repair if found any.
  3. Start the initial grinding process.
  4. After the initial grinding, apply the liquid hardener on the concrete. This hardens the surface and protects against water penetration and staining.
  5. Continue to polish moving to the next higher grit level.
  6. Protect your polish by applying a stain-guard product.

When done properly, the concrete shines and looks chic and sophisticated.

Why use polished concrete floor?

  • They are considered a cheaper option as it is something that is already there hence it saves the trouble of purchasing extra materials.
  • It is low maintenance- when done correctly, it becomes easy to clean.
  • It is durable- it can last upto 100 years, it improves with years.
  • It is not affected by dust mites or mold.
  • Any damage that can come as a result of humidity or moisture does not affect the polished floor.

The gray color looks too much industrial to give it a touch of personal taste polished concrete can be dyed or stained this enhances the look of the concrete.

Polished concrete can be retrofitted by adding another 50 mm thick concrete or by sanding the existing floor so that it can be hardened and polished. Another slab can also be added then polishing can be done.

When compared to the other forms of flooring, such as tiling, wooden, vinyl or linoleum concrete polishing is observed to be less expensive.

Concrete polishing is becoming popular, and as much as we see it being in ware houses and retail spaces, it is now time we start embracing it in our homes also.


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