Understanding different types, uses and benefits of joint fillers


You have put a lot of effort and time in putting a smooth concrete surface. But alas! Very soon you discovered cracks appearing on those surfaces. Now what to do? You never thought of this situation and it makes it completely clue less since it is next to impossible to do a concrete surface.
Joint fillers offered by Xtreme Polishing Systems have prospered because of its high quality and went to become the most preferred choice in infrastructure projects. These products are highly appreciated in the process of construction. It prevents the passage of smoke, air, and water cracks and spaces to develop. It also offers sound and thermal insulation providing essential benefits to any construction project. There are numerous brands available to choose from but mostly serves the similar purposes.

Joint Filler Applications

Not many would know that these joint fillers help a lot in binding two things together. They have wide variety of uses and applied on various projects like:

  • Window insulation
  • Floor joints
  • Roof joints
  • Door insulation
  • Façade joints
  • Interior joints

Benefits Of Using Joint Filler

  • For floor fillers, this helps protects the flooring against the wear and tear of abrasive cleaning chemicals, high foot traffic, and usage of heavy machines on the surfaces when extensive cleaning tasks is carried on
  • For the façade joints, they need joint sealing which acts like a good adhesive. It prevents ruining it from harsh conditions and ensures that longevity
  • For windows and door insulation the sealing play a very crucial part, as they are the passages for air circulation between the outside wall and the building they are constructed. The lack of sealing in the area can collide the structure, joint fillers helps in getting it from collapsing.
  • Using joint fillers for your roof sealing is important in order to prevent water leakage or severe air movements from letting collapsing the structure

Different Types Of Joint Fillers

  • Urethane filler acts like a sealant which seals concrete on the sidewalks, factories, and balconies etc.
  • The parking lot filler is widely used for sealing cracks on the parking lots, pedestrian areas, and traffic
  • Natural stone filler sealant is strong enough to support plastic, support glass, and metal which are all the time exposed to the strong winds
  • Ceramic joint filler act like a water tight sealer often used where it is most exposed to water

Just like paint, joint filler do ages hence it is important to replace or repair over the period of time. If your home is in need of sound and air control, consider it replacing and repairing it with appropriate fillers rather than taking drastic expensive measures.
Schedule your consultation at Xtremepolishingsystems.com where the guiding consultants knows the in and out of using joint fillers. Also it will help you if you have done some basic research over the web; providing you with good many information on what type of to how to apply the sealer.  It is important to pick the right brand like Xtreme Polishing System for your project to avoid any miss-happenings after wards. Your project is important hence it is crucial to pay attention when you are out buying joint filler.


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