Trump mimics PM Modi’s Indian accent but values his view on Afghanistan

Trump mimics PM Modi's Indian accent but values his view on Afghanistan

WASHINGTON: US President Donald Trump, who once called Prime Minister Narendra Modi his “true friend”, reportedly mimics his Indian accent.

According to a report by The Washington Post, the US President takes PM Modi’s view of Afghanistan very seriously but doesn’t hesitate to imitate Modi’s accent.

“Senior administration officials said that the president has been known to affect an Indian accent and imitate Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who in an Oval Office meeting last year told him, ‘Never has a country given so much away for so little in return’ as the United States in Afghanistan.

“To Trump, Modi’s statement was proof that the rest of the world viewed the United States as being duped and taken advantage of in Afghanistan, these officials said,” said the article.

In 2017, PM Modi bluntly told Trump, that “Never has a country given so much away for so little in return” over US’s role in Afghanistan.Trump mimics PM Modi'

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The article discusses that “up to 1,000 more U.S. troops could be headed to Afghanistan this spring.” The US President has also “made it clear to senior Pentagon officials that he wants to see a quick return on the increased US investment in troops and money in Afghanistan.”

Trump reportedly used a typical South Asian style with nasal resonance, the signature of Modi’s style of speech, those who participated in the meeting said the US daily.

In 2017, Trump’s daughter Ivanka, who’s also his informal advisor, she led a 360-member delegation to a business summit in Hyderabad.

The both the leaders are attending the World Economic Forum summit in Davos. While Prime Minister Modi reached Switzerland yesterday for a 24-hour visit, Trump will arrive later this week.


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