Top ways Digital Marketing can help your Startup grow

Top ways Digital Marketing can help your Startup grow

When you start your own business it can be daunting figuring out how best to market it. However the most important thing is to get a marketing strategy in place straight away, no matter how small, in order to ensure you are selling your services to the right target market as much as possible. One way to do that is through digital marketing. Digital marketing can be much more targeted than traditional marketing methods, and helps you easily measure the ROI on your spend. We look at the top ways that digital marketing can help grow your startup.

– It helps you target the right people

Whether it’s through sponsored content on social media or through Google Adwords, digital marketing can be highly tailored to suit your exact target market. From age ranges and gender to income and neighbourhood, you can make sure that every penny spent on online marketing us going towards the right people seeing and interacting with your business. Compared to traditional advertising, digital spend is much lower and can be easily measured in terms of ROI. For social media and Google Adwords, you can generate monthly reports to see what you got right and what you should adjust, helping you make the most out of your money.

– It encourages your customers to act

All digital marketing directs customers back to your website or social media pages – wherever you want them to be directed to. Unlike a page of advertising in a magazine, or a leaflet posted through the letterbox, this enables you to track exactly where people visiting your website have come from. One effective way of encouraging your customers to visit your website is through email marketing. Whether you are talking about a hot topic or a promotion, sending out a well-written and concise email to your database is a good way to encourage action from your market.

– It builds brand awareness

By filling your blog posts and website with well-structured SEO words, as well as investing in Google Adwords and social media advertising, you are building your brand awareness in front of the right market. Even if the leads do not turn to sales, people are still seeing your brand constantly and will hopefully think of your company the next time they need the service you provide. That is the end goal with any kind of brand awareness activity, and one that can be easily achieved with a strong digital marketing campaign.

– It’s aimed at the mobile customer

More and more people are turning to their mobile phones instead of their laptops to search the Internet or browse social media. By 2020, there will be 327 million smartphone users in the Middle East, with 63 million social media users. This just shows that your business needs to be targeting this demographic, otherwise they will be missing out on a large chunk of the market. By investing in digital marketing, you are able to tap into this potential market and ensure that anyone using a smartphone and searching for certain businesses in the UAE comes into contact with your company.


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