Tips for Choosing the Right Hand Angle Grinders for Any Job


Good hand angle grinders are the basic components of any contractor working on a construction site. The versatility of the angle grinders is numerous; it combines with a spinning wheel and a sturdy handle in a handheld package for cutting, polishing, and everything else in-between. Workers use these grinders for sanding while metalworkers use them to make repairs. Not all grinders are made for same tasks, however, and for many homeowners who wandered into the tool aisle of their local home improvement store, and trying to get the right one off the shelf presents a challenge.
Choosing the right handle angle grinders depends on various factors, but it is arguably the most noteworthy feature of the grinder.
Provided are the four tips for choosing the correct size grinder for any job:

Grinder’s bigger wheel makes finer job

Well, no it doesn’t work that way. For instance; a bigger wheel angle grinder will not be able to get the deeper and fine cuts, you will need to have a smaller or required size for that job. Not all grinders can handle durable materials like stone and concrete. They are extremely strong, and likely to be thick. Choose a larger grinder when deep cuts are needed, such as a 9- inch grinder, the blade of which extends 4.5 inches from the center.

Bigger the size better the job

It is surprising how many contractors don’t understand that angle grinder’s size is determined by its discs, not the length of the machine. While it is true that grinders with bigger wheel discs are longer than their smaller counterparts, this is because a bigger handle is needed to control the wheel. Know that the bigger angle grinders use bigger wheels. Wheel size is particularly relevant for large jobs. If a homeowner only occasionally uses a grinder for odd cutting jobs around the house, then purchasing a smaller size works well.

Not all grinders are for beginners

Grinders are known as power tools they are equipped with heavy-duty metallic discs which is spinning at greater speeds. These discs have sharp edges as well as grinding grains, and which is why they are potentially dangerous. Smaller sized angle grinders are easy to control because they have smaller sized wheel and can be operated with one hand. For precautionary measures, it is recommended to wear gloves as the spinning disc generates lot of vibrations which makes the balance go out of the hands. If you are a beginner it is recommended that you start with the smaller size grinders.

Smaller sized grinders are cordless

Nothing is more irritating than crawling into a workspace only to realize that the cord isn’t reaching. Large grinders which are heavier and mightier in size are equipped with heavy duty motors that have 110 volts and 240 volts. Having a cord gives constant supply of energy. Besides; smaller grinders which are widely used has a 18 volts of power, which let them to work on a rechargeable battery.
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