This woman married a 300-year-old ghost, claims to have ‘best sex she’s ever had’

This woman married a 300-year-old ghost, claims to have 'best sex she's ever had'

Irish national Amanda Teague has a bizarre claim.

In July 2016, Teague claimed to have ‘legally’ married the spirit of a Haitian pirate, Jack Teague, who died in the 1700s.

What’s even more bizarre, is that Jack is “the best sex she’s ever had”.

Since marrying the dead or spirit of a person is not recognised in UK or Ireland, Teague re-married her Haitian pirate ‘spirit’ husband on a small boat in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean in October 2017. This time, they celebrated with friends and family.

A divorced mother of four, Teague met the 300-year-old Haitian pirate while she was lying in bed at her home in Drogheda, Ireland. After six months, the duo developed feeling for each other and decided to officiate their love.

Like any other normal relations, Teague and Jack have arguments and sneak away for weekend romantic breaks and even engage in ‘lovemaking’. Teague describes their chemistry as “incredible”, reports Newsweek.

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Teague has also adopted her husband’s last name. Born Amanda Large, she changed her name to Amanda Sparrow Large in 2015. Mid-name sparrow was in honor of the Pirates of the Caribbean character she impersonated once.

While Teague’s marriage may not be legal in UK or Ireland, there are few countries or communities that accept marriage with a dead person or a spirit.

In France, the French civil code allows a person to marry a deceased person. During World War I, the French government allowed hundreds of women to marry their partners who died in the war.


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