The importance of encouraging young talent in the region

The importance of encouraging young talent in the region

The UAE is a place where business dreams come true, with a host of international and local companies on offer and many entrepreneurial opportunities in the market – the perfect place to be for up-and-coming young talent. The millennials approach the idea of a career in a very different way to how their parents or even grandparents did. For older generations, the goal was the work for a well-established company, steadily growing their career, and feel happy with a decent pay cheque at the end of the month. Millennials are not so pleased with this scenario. They have grown up in an era where everything is possible, from creating the latest gadgets to easily connecting with the whole world. They therefore believe that the world is their oyster when it comes to their career, with no dream being out of reach.

This lack of fear for the unknown is something businesses should use to their advantage. Hiring young talent in the Middle East is guaranteed to give more return to your business, as fresh, young ideas can work wonders, especially when most young people nowadays possess at least a slither of entrepreneurial spirit. Millenials are not afraid to fail at something, as many believe failing is not possible. They see the bigger picture and are optimistic about their personal and professional futures. This spells success for companies willing to invest in them.

Investing time and effort into young generations is money well spent. Every business should do their part to grow the future generations, whether it is in the form of employing interns, creating graduate schemes or even funding young entrepreneur programmes. By investing in tomorrow, we can secure a better today. Employing young talent or fresh graduates means you can invest in their professional development, and, as long as the company plays it well, this could mean a long-term loyalty to your company.

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One challenge companies may face when employing young talent is their hunger to grow and develop their careers. If your company does not set up a career path for them, they will find somewhere better who does, so putting in place a clear structure for how you want your young talent to grow within the organisation is vital.

Whatever industry, however large or small the company is, the young, up-and-coming talent should never be underestimated. They are willing to bring expert ideas to businesses, speaking their mind of how they see the company and market going – a unique addition to both international and local organizations.


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