The 10 Best Movies Of 2017 That You Should’ve Already Watched


    Keeping with the #ThrowbackThursday theme, we decided to do a quick review of the movies that made our 2017 epic. Some of them gave us the feels and some got us jumping out of our seats screaming WTF!

    So here’s a quick peek at the year that was, before we shift our focus firmly ahead to the year that is.

    1. Wonder WomanWonder Woman

    Let’s take a second to clap for everything Wonder Woman has achieved. Being the first female-driven superhero movie to smash the box office charts is no small feat. Add to that the fact that it single-handedly managed to redeem the DC universe and you’ve got, well, Wonder Woman! You will have come for the action but you’ll stay for the story and surprisingly the message behind it too.

    2. John Wick: Chapter 2John Wick Chapter 2

    We’re not sure many expected this one to be as epic as it actually turned out to be. Part one had us hyped and when part 2 dropped, we couldn’t stop fanboying/fangirling over it. The sequel left us with three basic rules about John Wick: be careful what you wish for, don’t touch his car and lastly, DON’T eff with his dog! Now we just want a part three!

    3. Okjaokja

    The tearful joy that is Okja is an ever-shifting movie with a dense storyline and major feels at every turn. Behind what looks like a simple story about a girl and her, not-so-little friend, is actually a lot more depth than you’d realise at first glance. This movie will definitely leave you reflecting on things that are important and assessing the greed that lives within us.

    4. CocoCoco

    Coco is the kind of feel-good movie you need when you feel that you might want to give up on your dreams. It follows a little boy on his path to becoming like his idol and his adventures along the way. It’s a testament to never giving up and the beauty and passion of music and believing in yourself.

    5. Call Me By Your NameCall Me By Your Name

    This movie is an ode to the struggles of first love and the heartbreak that accompanies it. It’s a beautiful movie with marvelous acting and a slow-burning storyline that leaves you with all sorts of emotions. It’s pure cinematic artistry that’s almost revolutionary.

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    6. ITIT

    While some see this movie as one from the horror genre, we feel its more a coming-of-age kinda flick. It’s considered one of the better Stephen King adaptations till date. While the movie does have its emotionally-resonant moments, it also has its equal share of horrifying moments too.

    7. The PostThe Post

    We’ve come to expect great things from Meryl Streep. Add Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg to the mix and what you get is a brilliant movie with benchmark acting. Based on a true story, The Post is a thrilling story about the freedom of the press and how one woman risked it all to protect that freedom.

    8. A Ghost StoryA Ghost Story

    While the name may lead you to think this is a frightening horror movie, it’s actually a hauntingly beautiful story about the tales of the modern world. It encompasses our fears and expectations and aims to attack one’s sentimentality. While it demands patience and an open mind, it’s definitely one you shouldn’t miss.

    9. DunkirkDunkirk

    In a spectacle that will make you gasp in awe and make your soul feel restless, Dunkirk is probably one of the finest works that has ever come out of Christopher Nolan. It takes what he does best and gives you a bold, yet powerful film that dramatises the complexity of war.

    10. Lady BirdLady Bird

    This movie is kinda like that miraculous gem that saves the world. Despite being a low budget film, it’s extremely loveable and brings a certain freshness to the genre that has long been lacking. Anyone who’s been on an emotional rollercoaster growing up will immediately be able to relate to the struggles.

    With many promising movies lined up for 2018, we can’t wait to see what comes of it and it’s safe to say that we’re going to have an action-packed ride. What were your favourite movies of 2017 and which one are you looking forward to in 2018? Let us know!


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