Taylor Swift surprises fan with U.K. visit

taylor swift

Taylor Swift left one young British fan in awe on Wednesday (11Oct17) after paying her a surprise visit.

The Shake It Off hitmaker initially stunned a devotee named Lara last week (ends06Oct17) by tuning into one of her live streaming sessions on Instagram.

Lara freaked out when she noticed Taylor had logged on to watch her video, and quickly began gushing about her love for the pop superstar.

“What. The. Hell,” the hysterical youngster declared. “Oh my God. I love you so much! Oh my god.”

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Fighting back tears, she continued, “I have to say thank you for everything, you’ve actually made my life so much better.”

A member of Taylor’s team then reached out to Lara to explain the singer would be sending her a gift, but on Wednesday, she returned to Instagram and told followers the present was hand delivered by the star herself.

“On Thursday, last week, Taylor Nation DM’d (direct messaged) me…,” she explained in the new clip. “They said that Taylor would be sending me a package…

“So basically, what happened was… I was waiting for the package to turn up, and I saw this car pull up… and this blonde goddess stepped out of the car and walked up to my door…,” she said. “I’ve just met the woman who made the biggest impact on my life and I was able to thank her… This means the world to me.”

Lara also showed off photos of herself posing beside Taylor and pieces of new merchandise the singer had brought with her for her devotee.

Taylor has yet to comment on her surprise fan visit or the reason for her trip to the U.K., although she is currently dating British actor Joe Alwyn.


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