System Development Engineer Job in Amman, Jordan

Amman, Jordan

Location: Amman, Jordan
Ref: RP971-619

Job description / Role


Job Purpose:
• To help in building, and maintaining core functions of Q-express Technology systems.
• Work with the team of developers to build all new system functionality.
• Focus on the non-coding aspects of building a product or service, but frequently builds software that automates and manages the infrastructure that supports the product or service

Job Description:
System development Engineer (SysDE) solve complex problems, applying appropriate technologies and best practices, working with the team to invent, design, and build systems that are stable and performant. SysDE must consider the legacy of the systems produced, how they will scale, and limit the use of short-term workarounds. Sometimes making appropriate trade-offs, re-use where possible, and are judicious about introducing dependencies.
SysDE are efficient with resource usage (e.g., system hardware, database, memory/CPU, etc.). SysDE should identify patterns that affect the performance, reliability, or availability of a product or service and drive them out of the system through automation or other technical innovation.
SysDE should poses excellent diagnostician due to cross-domain understanding of the technology involved in the systems.

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• You work on project ideas with customers, stakeholders, and peers.
• You help balance customer requirements with team requirements.
• You help your team evolve by actively participating in code reviews, operational reviews, design discussions, team planning, and ticket/metric/COE reviews.
• You focus on operational excellence, constructively identifying problems and proposing solutions.
• You take on projects and make enhancements that improve team systems and processes.
• You work to resolve the root cause of complex problems, leaving systems better and easier to maintain than when you found them.
• You are able to train new team-mates on how your team’s systems are constructed, how they operate, scale, and how secure they are.
• You provide insight to engineers that operate in different domains (e.g., software, hardware, security, and networking) in how their part interacts with others to form a system.
• You foster a constructive dialogue and seek resolutions in a professional way.
• You help recruit and interview and develop others by making yourself available to mentor.

Key Responsibilities:
• You design, implement, and deploy technology components that solve complex problems generating positive feedback
• You have a solid understanding of design approaches (and how to best use them).
• You are able to work independently and with your team to complete projects successfully.
• Your work is consistently of a high quality (e.g., secure, testable, maintainable, low-defects, efficient, etc.) and incorporates best practices. Your team trusts your work.
• You focus on operational excellence, constructively identifying problems and proposing solutions, taking on projects that improve your team’s systems, making them better and easier to maintain.
• You make improvements to your team’s development, testing, deployment, and operational processes.
• You have established good working relationships with team-mates and peers working on related systems. You recognize discordant views and take part in constructive dialogue to resolve them.
• You are able to confidently train new team-mates about your customers, what your team’s systems do, how they are constructed, tested, operate, and how they fit into the bigger picture.

Communication / Internal / External:
• Internal: Technology and product Team
• External: None


Basic Qualifications: 
• 4+ years of programming, system development and administration experience (Linux, Java, Python, shell scripting).
• Familiar with cloud-based data warehouses and analytics infrastructure
• Strong experience managing and being responsible for complex servers, systems, and infrastructure
• Agile development, daily scrum, taking ownership of both production issues and new features.
• Self-motivated, thrives working in a small team.
• Solid technical understanding and API documentation are essential for cross-team development.
• Bachelor’s Degree or Masters in Computer Science or related field.
• Computer Science fundamentals in data structures.
• Computer Science fundamentals in algorithm design, problem solving, and complexity analysis.
• Good English written / verbal communication skills, bilingual Preferred.
• Design thinking Approach.
• Energetic.
• Flexible approach.
• Focused and professional attitude.
• Strong problem detection abilities.
• Team-oriented.
• Ability to maintain a high level of confidentiality.
• Ability to work well in teams.
• Focused and self-motivated.

Preferred Qualifications:
• Proven knowledge in continuous integration & build automation
• Strong experience and familiarity managing AWS cloud infrastructure
• Scripting experience is a plus

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