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For years the mattress industry has been trying to identify ways for users to manually control the mattress temperature. So far, only vita talalay latex mattress managed to make it happen. The answer is pretty simple. To begin with, the material used in thomsen mattresses is vita talalay latex. Vita talalay latex is a unique material used in the mattress. Unlike other mattresses, vita talalay latex is made with the sap that is extracted with care from the rubber tree (Hevea Brasiliensis). It is 100% natural with no chemicals, unlike non-latex mattresses. Non- latex mattresses contain petroleum-based foam, it releases toxic chemicals as they age. Vita Talalay latex is naturally cooling, while non-latex has to add chemicals to keep it cool. In order to reach deep sleep, the human body needs the right temperature. The body starts to cool down overnight and reaches the lowest point at about 4 am. The atmosphere created by the body between the sheets and the mattress is called microclimate. The vita talalay latex keeps control on the microclimate. It lets the body cool down during summer and heat up during winters.

The latex used in the mattress is highly well ventilated, it dries moisture easily. This avoids creating a damp and sticky climate under the sheets. A human body tends to release a cup of sweat every night because of its own body heat. This has a significant impact on hygiene. The sweat and high temperature affect the durability of the mattress. Most mattresses are not ventilated, however, vita talalay latex has an open cell structure that lets the mattress breathe. The production process of vita talalay latex is complex, it undergoes vacuuming, freezing, gelling and post vulcanization. This unique production process gives vita talalay latex an open, round cellular structure. From production to final product, all the products incorporate high-end technology.

Few of the hot selling products are vita talalay mattresses, anti-snoring pillows, orthopedic pillows, and tinnitus pillows. The Thomsen mattresses vary in soft, medium and firm configuration. The brand does not follow the traditional way of keeping the stock and releasing the mattresses as and when the order is received. On contrary, mattresses are customized after knowing the age, weight, and height of the people who will be sleeping on the mattresses. Different mattresses are advised for different age group, height, and weight group.

Similarly, anti snoring pillows are specially designed for snorers. The pillow works due to its inflatable, head-side roller which induces side sleep. The design of the pillow has received an international award. Regular use of the pillow provides a therapeutic and durable anti-snoring solution. Likewise, Tinnitus pillow comes with patented Pentino tinnitus masking sound which trains the patient’s brain to stop noticing the haunting tinnitus noise. It creates a mask around the ears, making the patient believe there is no haunting noise. Furthermore, Orthopaedic pillows are designed for pressure relief and comfort. The elevated sides are specially designed to relax the shoulders and neck to relieve pain around the cervical region ensuring optimal comfort and support.

All the products by Thomsen are anti-allergic, mold and mildew proof. Open porous and breathable materials provide excellent moisture and temperature regulation to create a comfortable and dry sleeping climate.

Article authored by Anil Gupta, CEO, Thomsen Germany