Smart cities: Soon, government may pay rent through vouchers to urban poor


New Delhi: The Centre may soon pay rent through vouchers in 100 smart cities, as per a financial daily report.The Economic Times has reported that the new rental housing policy, specifically aimed at the families below poverty line will be implemented across 100 smart cities.
The Rs 2,700 crore welfare scheme might soon come into effect under which the urban-poor will get rent vouchers.
The paper further reported that the scheme could be implemented this financial year.
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How will the voucher work?
The ET reports that the tenant can give these vouchers to the landlord. The house owner can redeem these vouchers at any citizen service bureau.
However, if the rent is higher than the value of rent voucher, the tenant would pay the difference in cash to the landowner, ET said.
How much amount will the voucher carry?
The urban local body will determine the value of rent voucher on the basis of class or size of the dwelling unit. The local body will also take into consideration the prevalent rent rate in the city, based upon which the value of the rent voucher will be fixed.
The government is also contemplating the option of direct benefit transfer in this voucher scheme, the paper added.


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