Signs your partner is micro cheating on you

Signs your partner is micro cheating on you

In modern dating parlance, there can be two forms of cheating – micro cheating and cheating as we all know it. One would argue that any form of cheating is, well, cheating and all are equally condemnable. Granted, but relationship experts say there is a difference – micro cheating, where one cheats on his/her partner without making it obvious or just makes it seem innocuous, can begin insidiously and snowball into full-fledged infidelity. So, what are the signs of micro cheating you should watch out for?

He’s keeping in touch with his ex
You might think that they are just good friends. He might also maintain that they are just two mature persons, moving on with their lives. But if he keeps on turning to his ex for advice or goes out of his way to help her, you should be a bit concerned.

He’s always flirting with random women
A little bit of flirting isn’t harmful. But watch out if flirting with unknown women even when you are with him is becoming a habit. And this is not because he’s just being mischievous or wants to make you feel jealous.

Following women on social media
Experts say that this – finding your man following or almost stalking women on social media – can be a deal breaker sometimes. Check if he’s constantly monitoring other women’s social feeds, commenting on their posts or tagging them in their posts.

He’s confiding in others
Micro cheating is often called ’emotional cheating’. There may not be any sexual liaison with someone outside the relationship, but an emotional affair can grow. For instance, check if your partner is confiding more in his women friend/s than in you. Or if something momentous happens in his life, he is sharing it first with his other women friend/s.

Wrong impression
Your close friends might know how deeply serious you are about each other. But check if your partner is telling women outside your common circle of friends that the relationship is not that serious. This is a warning sign.


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