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Location: Doha, Qatar
Ref: GP634-72

Job description / Role

Sales Manager Key Responsibilities

• Comply with individual sales strategies for all revenue streams and identify market trends aligned by industry and geography via robust market research.
• Follow a systematic, dynamic and repeatable sales approach that extends from understanding costs, defining pricing strategy, setting prices and rules, controlling transactions, and monitoring outcomes. Data-driven to employ customer-centered and contextual pricing, enabling the company to maximise profits.
• Achieve significant and sustained revenue growth, reduce price promotion spending to underpin sales revenues, notably reduce pricing cycle time and increase responsiveness to marketplace conditions.
• Build and maintain a strong sales pipeline with clear targeting strategy alignment and an extended, fully managed sales cycle. Deliver accelerated growth to meet or exceed GET opportunities budget.
• Provide commercial support to the Oryx and Camel teams when necessary, including major tender compilation and cost-modelling coordination.
• Liaise directly with Camel Team and Oryx Team leaders to ensure that sales strategy is systemic, coherent and aligned across the Commercial Team, and that sales processes are applied in accordance with departmental governance and compliance procedures.
• Define and execute a coordinated segment and territory prospecting strategy.
• Shape and develop lasting relationships with large clients in order to penetrate organisations both vertically and horizontally to maximise sales opportunities across segments.
• Achieve conversion rates of >30% conversion by ACV and identify market sector trends.
• Provide pre-qualification and due diligence of clients to accurately identify the decision makers and influencers within organisations and recommend suitable credit terms.
• Implement processes and methodologies for continuous sales improvement with focus on faster revenue delivery.
• Compile detailed records for customer analysis, including capturing contextual events of prospecting interest from open source and social media research. Work with the BD team (Camel) to define and implement sales focus by customer, segment, vertical and territory.
• Conduct competitor analysis to achieve and maintain deep market knowledge of the competitive landscape.
• Utilise strategic tools (PESTLE, SWOT, Ansoff’s and Porter’s) and sales methodologies such as SPIN to maintain competitive advantage and achieve >30% conversion by ACV.
• Actively contribute to working capital health and operational cash flow health by negotiating the lowest possible contractual payment terms at <=30 days where possible.
• Evaluate contractual terms to ensure that DULSCO equities are appropriately protected through negotiation and deviation, with profit optimised and liability minimised.
• Submit monthly, quarterly and annual sales reports as required, inclusive of sales pipeline. Communicate clearly the progress against monthly/quarterly sales targets and related initiatives, to inform sales strategy effectiveness and application.
• Compile tenders and quotations as required. Refer all large value opportunities to the Camel team and act as the technical input advisory lead. Provide commercial support to the Oryx and Camel teams when required, including major tender technical compilation.
• Be prepared to assist in driving Commercial Department initiatives and priorities more broadly as necessary.
• Participate in educational opportunities including: reading professional publications, investing in personal and social media networks, participating in professional organisations and meetings – to continuously enhance market knowledge and add value to sales growth potential.
• Responsible for meeting individual sales target (GET).


• Sales
• Prospecting
• Market analysis and Strategy
• People Management
• Relationship and Business Development
• Income and Pricing
• Communication
• People Development
• Managing Change

Aptitudes Behaviors:

Investigative & Analytical
Competitive & Entrepreneurial
Orderly & Efficient
Mathematical & Logical
Outgoing & Expressive
Curious and Inquisitive
Proactive and Tenacious Innovating
Winning (Closing)

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About the Company

The Dulsco story began in 1935 when Mohammed Khan Abdulla Mirza Abdulla, the father of the present Chairman of Dulsco, Abdul Aziz Mohammed Khan Abdulla, appointed some able-bodied men to row their dhows through the Dubai Creek to a British India Steam Navigation Company owned ship at anchor in the Arabian Gulf, and bring ashore its cargo of foodstuff and clothing. Our stevedoring service launched then is still one of the many services that we provide. We consider ourselves the oldest stevedoring company in Dubai.

By the 1970s and the opening of Port Rashid in Dubai, we were a full-fledged stevedoring company serving the port. We started providing more manpower services by the 80s and became one of the earliest human resource management companies in Dubai.

In the 90s we began providing manpower outsourcing services and later we added waste management and other services to our portfolio. In 2005, Dulsco became a limited liability company and expanded its services to include all the emirates and neighbouring Gulf countries and today is one of the foremost HR solutions provider and recruitment agencies in Dubai.