Royal Enfield unveils variants in homage to Indian Air Force and Indian Army

Royal Enfield unveils variants in homage to Indian Air Force and Indian Army

Royal Enfields have been the grandmasters of the Indian roads for decades. And that domination has extended to the Armed Forces of the country as well. Now, the Chennai-based maker of iconic motorcycles has released video teasers for two new variants that pay homage to their users in the Indian Air Force and the Indian Army (sorry, Indian Navy, not yet).

Royal Enfield released three video teasers – one for the concept, one for the Indian Air Force variant and another for the Indian Army variant. The line is being called ‘Royal Enfield Classic Signals’, with the company saying it has been ‘Inspired by the Royal Enfields in service and those who ride them’. And each individual motorcycle with come with a unique serial number blazoned across the side of the tank.

The Indian Air Force variant is called the ‘Classic 350 Airborne Blue’ while the Indian Army variant is being called ‘Classic 350 Stormrider Sand’. The Airborne Blue is… well, a blue-grey that’s a combination of the blue of a clear sky and the grey of most fighter aircraft. The Stormrider Sand is the colour of the sand of the deserts along the borders of the nation.

And, the videos are a sight to behold. Needless to say, the video introducing the IAF variant features in good measure the Sukhoi Su-30 MKI, which is widely acknowledged as among the most advanced fighter jets in the world. And the Mikoyan MiG-23 also makes an appearance in what could perhaps be a hat-tip to the vintage nature of both that aircraft and thousands of old Bullets still thumping up the streets.


Watch the video on the Indian Air Force variant of the Royal Enfield:

The Army variant is an homage to the forces who guard the border in the brutal conditions of the arid deserts along the India-Pakistan borders in Rajasthan. The rider can be seen cruising across sand dunes on a desert road that traverses the rugged and sometimes rocky terrain of the region.

Watch the video on the Indian Army variant of the Royal Enfield:

And, the third video is both of the above.

They may not be the legendary Bullets, but these motorcycles too come marketed with the near-ancient line (in motorcycle terms anyway), ‘Made Like A Gun’. It was almost like they made the ad for the Armed forces.

What is missing however, is a variant for the Indian Navy. Royal Enfield, watch out, they have aircraft carriers. And for that matter submarines too, considering how our cities flood often.