Rose Day 2019: Best Whatsapp/SMS messages for your partner

Rose Day 2019 Best Whatsapp SMS messages for your partner

Love is in the air today as we step into Valentine’s Week! February 7 is celebrated as Rose Day and people give roses to express their love for their significant other. However, if for some reason, you aren’t able to meet your partner today, you can still make their day special by sending a rose to them along with a whatsapp text!

Check out these Whatsapp messages to send to your significant other today:

1. Years ago you plucked the petals of a rose wondering if I loved you or If I didn’t.
Well, I am sure you landed on ‘He loves me’ and here we are celebrating this day together!
Happy Rose Day my love.

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2. One rose isn’t enough to express my love for you so here’s a bunch of them! Happy Rose Day, sweetheart.

3. If I could, I would gather all roses that exist and place them on your front door. But since I can’t, here’s all that I could find at the florist 😛 Happy Rose Day, love!

4. As long as there are roses in the world, I shall continue loving and protecting you. Happy Rose Day my bae!

5. I know I am away from you, but let this rose be a symbol of our bond that is everlasting. Hope to see you soon, Happy Rose Day my love.

Here’s wishing a very Happy Rose Day to our readers!