Republic Day 2018: Here’s how you can contribute towards nation-building

Republic Day 2018 Here's how you can contribute towards nation-building

Mumbai: We all make New Year Resolutions in a bid to get rid of the habits that are bad and imbibe the ones that are for our betterment. How about having a Republic Day resolution to become a proud Indian? Have you ever given it a thought? Have you ever wondered how you can contribute towards nation building?

We are so engrossed in our personal lives, that we seldom remember that we are citizens of a country as spiritually and culturally rich as India. And hence this Republic Day , let’s vow to do the following:

1)   When you travel abroad, never do things that may malign the reputation of our country. Be a responsible Indian who can win laurels for the country and not shame.

2)   Never let any of your fellow citizens misbehave with foreigners in our country. We must treat our guests with respect so that they can take with them pleasant and happy memories of their trip to India. Remember our ideology- Atithi Devo Bhava.

3)   Go for Khadi products. This will help our Khadi industry prosper. Also opt for indigenous handicrafts and artefacts. The handloom and cottage industry too needs our support to revive their lost glory. So go desi!

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4)   Though it may not be possible to but try and buy only Indian made products and appliances. At least make an attempt to buy products/ appliances made in India so that the money we spend remains within the borders of our country.

5)   Be a responsible citizen. Don’t litter or pollute the environment. Don’t break rules. Be a law abiding citizen.

6)   Keep your culture and tradition alive. Besides your mother tongue, learn your state language. This will help in saving our languages. We mustn’t do what we did to Sanskrit. It’s good to learn foreign languages, but it feels equally good while conversing in our indigenous languages and dialects.

7)   Wear your traditional outfits with pride. Sarees and Dhotis once used to be our regular wear. Though we may not be wearing them regularly, as we have other options, try and wear them at least occasionally.

8)  Visit tourist hotspots in India and thereby discover the diverse beauty of our country. Explore the North Eastern states. They are endowed with natural beauty. If you haven’t travelled across the length and breadth of your own country, what makes you go on the European holiday?

9)   How about gorging on a vada pav over a burger? How about yummy parathas over pizzas? While trying out Italian, Mexican, French or Continental cuisine, don’t forget the variety Indian cuisine offers. This will help Indian food business prosper.

10)  You may wonder what you alone can do to bring about the change you wish to see. Remember what Dasrath Manjhi, the Mountain Man did. He literally broke a mountain single-handedly. He spent about 22 years of his life breaking the mountain. His incredible sacrifice is now helping people from either side of the now broken mountain to commute easily.


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