Rahul Gandhi has a message for ‘Modi Bhakts’ and their ‘master’


Congress president Rahul Gandhi on Sunday resumed his attack on Prime Minister Narendra Modi with a tweet addressed to the followers of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) strongman.

Starting his tweet with the words “Dear Modi bhakts”, the Congress leader targeted the Modi government over its smart cities project. He alleged that only 7% of Rs 9,860 meant for the project was used by the government till now.

He further accused PM Modi of giving “empty slogans”, pointing that “China is out competing us”.

“Dear Modi bhakts, Out of 9,860 crores for the Smart Cities only 7% has been used. China is out competing us while your master gives us empty slogans. Please watch this video and advise him to focus on what matters- job creation for India,” tweeted Rahul Gandhi.

This comes three days after the Gandhi scion accused the BJP of “lying for political benefits”.

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“What is happening today in our country is a web of deceit. The BJP operates on the basic idea that lies can be used for political benefit and that is the difference between us and them. We might not do well, we might even lose but we will not give up truth,” Rahul had said.

He had also alleged that the foundation of the country was under threat by the politics that BJP leaders were doing. “The Constitution, the foundation of our country is under threat. It is under attack directly. Statements are being made by senior members of BJP and it is under attack surreptitiously from the back. It is our duty, duty of Congress party and every single Indian to defend it,” he added.

The Congress president had posted several questions, directed to PM Modi, in the run up to the Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh Assembly elections. In his series of questions, the Gandhi scion had talked about issues ranging from healthcare to GST to malnutrition.


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