Products That Help You Clean, Fix, and Protect Your Surfaces

floor cleaning products

When it comes to floor cleaning, it’s really a task to find the right product that helps in cleaning and maintaining your floor, without actually burning a hole in your pocket.

In order to clean your floors, there are a host of floor cleaning products, such as:

  • Floor Polish: As the name suggests, floor polish helps in getting rid of the scuff and tyre marks, thereby giving it a polished and neat look. Along with that, it’s cost-effective and also dries up super quick!
  • Floor Stripper: A concentrated, high- alkaline formula that is either applied with a mop or scrubbing machine on the floor. It helps in removing heavy and stubborn stains, acrylic finishes, as well as the thick build- up and polishes from the floors.
  • Neutral pH Cleaner: Unlike the other products, this cleaner is non- toxic, formulated with a natural surface system that effectively helps clean the floor; helping you get rid of the stubborn stains and marks.

Certain places such as car repair shops, hangars, and fire brigades, the surfaces are supposed to be rough. In order to do so, we use chemical floor hardeners to make the surface rough enough to withstand heavy vehicles constantly coming in and going out, without causing damage to the floor. A chemical floor hardener is available in a host of categories such as metallic floor hardener,pure carborundum based non-metallic floor hardener, heavy duty metallic floor hardener, liquid hardener, non-metallic floor hardener, and carborundum based non-metallic floor hardener. Along with that, it also reduces the porous surface, thereby making the floor smoother and dust- free.

In order to protect your surfaces, you would need Polyaspartic Floor Coating. A type of polyurea, polyaspartic floor coating was developed in the ‘80s and has been used for repair materials corrosion-resistant coatings. The best part about Polyaspartic floor coating is that it helps the underlying surface from UV rays, and so, it would never turn yellow. Apart from that, it also helps and protects the surfaces from the most stubborn stains, such as that of oils and wine.

Therefore, if it’s a place wherein there is heavy metal work, automobile, chemicals; or even if it’s your garage- make sure that you use these three items in order to clean, fix, and eventually, protect your surfaces from getting weaker and being damaged.