PM Narendra Modi launches ‘One Nation One Card’ for transportation payments across India

PM Narendra Modi launches 'One Nation One Card' for transportation payments across India

AHMEDABAD: Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched the indigenously-developed National Common Mobility Card (NCMC) on Monday in Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

Dubbed as ”One Nation One Card”, the card will allow people to pay multiple kinds of transport charges, including metro services and toll tax, all over India.

The inter-operable transport card can also be used to pay for bus travel, toll taxes, parking charges, retail shopping and withdraw money, PTI reported.

The NCMC was launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi while inaugurating the first phase of the metro train service in Ahmedabad.

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“This card runs on RuPay card and it will eliminate all your travel related problems. Many a times, we do not have change to pay in cash while travelling in metro, bus or train, or for toll and parking. To overcome this issue, an automatic fare collection system was introduced,” PM Modi said.

He added this system was imported to India from foreign countries. “Since systems were made by different players, a card issued in one city did not work in another city. Thus, we asked various ministries, departments and even banks to resolve this issue,” Modi said.

“Now, our dream of ‘One Nation One Card’ has been realised. People can also withdraw money using this Common Mobility Card. This RuPay card can be used for travelling in metros in any part of the country. In simple terms, we have merged the RuPay card with the mobility card,” the prime minister said.

“Now, we have this ‘Made in India’ card. Only a select few countries have this technology of ‘One Nation One Card’,” PM Modi added.

A statement released by the government said NCMC cards are a bank-issued cards on debit/credit/pre-paid card product platform. “The stored value on card supports offline transaction across all travel needs with minimal financial risk to involved stake-holders. The service area feature of this card supports operator specific applications e.g. monthly passes, season tickets etc,” it said.