Nobel peace prize for Donald Trump? Sarcastic Twitter speculates


In the hours leading up to the official announcement of the winner of Nobel peace prize, Twitter went into a frenzy speculating about the possible list of candidates. Many among them felt that the honour has often been given to undeserving candidates and that they won’t be surprised if US President Donald Trump is declared the winner this year.

Trump’s critics – both in the United States and elsewhere – have often lashed out at him for being a massive threat to world peace. Many on Twitter on Friday took on sarcastic tones in their online posts by writing that he could well emerge as a winner when least expected. “I never expected him to become the US President. Or President of anything at all. But he is in White House. What’s left besides a Nobel for peace,” commented one user. “If Obama could be given the Nobel peace prize, why not Trump. Americans have a way with things,” wrote another.

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Obama was honoured with the Nobel peace prize in 2009 for his ‘extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples.’ And even though the former US President may have far fewer critics globally than Trump, giving him the prize had – at that point in time – invited a lot of criticism. And this is what, perhaps, is stemming muted fears that Trump could well become the second US president ever to get the honour. That he became the first US President to meet with his North Korean counterpart is being cited as a reason big enough.

The peace prize would be officially announced at 1100hrs CEST, 1430hrs IST, on Friday.