New Year 2018: Wish your family and friends with these WhatsApp messages


New Delhi: Each year brings new horizons, hopes and along with it a lot of positivity and excitement. As the year 2017 marks its end, here are some WhatsApp/SMS messages you can send to your family and friends to wish them a very Happy New Year, 2018!

1. There is something about endings,

They always point out to new beginnings!

Wishing you a year of prosperity, health, and success.NY

2.  Each Year brings with it endless possibilities.

Here’s wishing that you are blessed with the best!Each Year brings with it endless possibilities

3. Here’s to friendship, love and family,

Laughter, smiles and memories endless,

The year 2018 is here,

So what if 2017 was a mess!Here's to friendship, love and family

4. Happy New Year.

Not enough?


May your year be marked with prosperity, blessings,

new beginnings, positivity, health and success!

Better, right? 😉Happy New Year

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5. Each year we make resolutions

that are seldom fulfilled.

So this year, let’s pledge to do something

better for the environment

And kick-start the New Year by planting a tree!

Here’s to welcoming a greener, cleaner and safer 2018.Each year we make resolutions

6. May 2018 bring you wishes

That were left unfulfilled in 2017.

Here’s to a blessed New Year!May 2018 bring you wishes

7. The storm doesn’t last always,

A brand new year is here,

All your troubles will be washed away,

Just hang in there, Dear!The storm doesn't last always

8. You’re never alone,

You’ll always have a friend in me,

2017 has shown,

that 2018 will be filled with glee.You're never alone

9. From dusk till dawn,

Let’s party till we yawn,

New Year is here,

Laughter and smiles we share!

From dusk till dawnHere’s a special wish for the Game of Thrones’ enthusiasts-

10. The night was dark and full of terrors,

The night king breaches the wall,

Here’s wishing you a spoiler-free year,

with a lot of trips to the mall!The night was dark and full of terrors


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