Never knew they would oppose India for the sake of opposing Modi: PM on Congress


NEW DELHI: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday lashed out at the Congress and the other opposition parties for joining hands with an aim to take on the Bharatiya Janta Party (BJP). Hitting out at the opposition parties, he said: “there is a limit to playing politics.”

Congress makes a joke out of whatever work is done for the poor Dalits and backward classes. They create obstacles in the development work and even treat that with disrespect. They think creating toilets for women is a joke, Swachch Bharat is a joke, providing free LPG connections is a joke, making bank accounts is a joke. The ones who have been in dynasty politics think everything is a joke. Never knew they would oppose India and put the development at stake just for the sake of opposing Modi. For them, their family is the country, for me, my country is my family,” he said.

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“I am talking out of my experience. Those who have greed, only shed crocodile tears for politics. They do politics of appeasement. But the one who actually thinks about you, works for the development,” he said while targeting the Congress.

Talking about the work done by the government for Dalits, he said: “We have made Special courts to tackle cases of atrocities against the Dalits. The Congress is openly lying even about a Supreme Court order just for politics, be it about laws for Dalit atrocities or for reservations. They do not even care how their statements can bring instability in the country,” he said.