Missing for four years, man helps cops rescue sister from red light area

Missing for four years, man helps cops rescue sister from red light area

New Delhi: Police raided a red light area in Bihar Begusarai district and rescued two  who were forced into flesh trade by unscrupulous elements. What made the rescue possible was one determined brother who had lost his sister four years ago.

Ram Mohan (name changed) had been searching for his sister for four years but without much success. His hunt though ended recently when he – employed with a local ferry company – landed at a red-light area in Bakhri village and found his sister there. He immediately informed the police.

The local police then raided the area and after a brief scuffle managed to rescue two girls – one hailing from Gumla in Jharkhand and Mohan’s sister who is from Sheohar district.

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While two people were arrested on charges of indulging in flesh trade, another involved managed to escape.

Initial investigations have revealed that Mohan’s sister was lured away by a woman from Haryana on the pretext of job and later sold in Bakhri. The other girl was also lured and then sold off ten years ago.

The police raid in the area may have managed to rescue the two girls but questions have since been raised on why the flesh trade was allowed to flourish for years here.


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