Meet Manushi, Asia’s smallest surviving baby at just 400 gms

Meet Manushi, Asia's smallest surviving baby at just 400 gms

New Delhi: Rajasthan witnessed a miracle when a mother gave birth to a baby girl weighing the same as a chocolate bar.

Yes, you read it right.

Manushi, the baby girl defied all odds of medicine by surviving at just 400 gms after her premature birth in Udaipur.

The girl was recently discharged from the hospital after she gained normalcy which took a six-month-long clinical course.

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Doctors who looked after the infant claim that she is the smallest newborn baby to survive in India and South Asia.

The last reported such survival was a baby, Rajni, weighing 450 g, at Mohali in 2012.

Manushi weighed 400 grams and measured just 8.6 inches when she was born.

She was not breathing at birth and since she was born prematurely, her lungs, heart, brain and kidneys were underdeveloped. and her skin was paper thin but the couple decided to fight to keep her alive.


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