Mattress solving back problems


Back pain is ageless as it can occur at any age. Further, in order to complicate the matter back pain does not have a specific reason. Problems like lifestyle disorder, sitting posture, etc lead to several back problems. The discomfort it causes results in pain and sleep disturbance making comfort sleep a rarity. Therefore, it is necessary to get rid of back pain to attain the comfort sleep of 6-8 hours which one hopes for.

The right mattress for perfect sleep is an essential. Sleeping on the wrong mattress can worsen your back pain. Mattresses which lack in giving firm support to your back reinforces poor sleeping postures, strain your back muscles, and fails to give the right alignment, adding on to the lower back problems. The coils and inner springs of a mattress are responsible for providing apt back support. The good mattress should provide support to your spine and also help you to relax muscle soreness in the mornings. Choosing the right mattress can be tough as the market has several available options. You have to always keep in mind your weight, style of sleeping and several other pointers when you go to buy the suitable mattress. Spring and bouncy mattresses do feel nice when you first see them but their characteristics are the worst for a person suffering from back pain. This person requires firm latex which gives firm support to the back.

Dormio India has come up with the greatest sleep solution by using Vita Talalay Latex technology for the production of the premium latex mattresses that ensures comfort. Vita Talalay uses processed natural rubber, provides point elasticity and helps prevent muscle soreness. An additional layer in the mattress provides adequate support to the spine. It also prevents bone, joints and muscle pain and thereby helps attaining relaxed sleep. It is India’s first breathable mattress and the best mattress for back pain.