How to Maintain Your Polished Floors Efficiently?


It is widely known fact that polished concrete floors are the current choice of one and all, whether it is the architects who advocate them for the magnificence that they offer or the property owners who vouch for them for their unmatched longevity. However, what makes polished floors more than just popular is the fact that the time, efforts and money spent on their maintenance comes out to be lowest in comparison to other flooring alternatives.

While polished concrete floors do not require regular upkeep such as waxing and stripping as in the case of vinyl floors, they do need a little care and effort in order for them to last for as long as they probably could. Let us take a look at some of the most efficient ways that can be adopted in a bid to ensure marvellous looking floors that offer maximum functionality.

  • Microfiber Pad

Given that concrete floors majorly comprise of soil, it is more than obvious that they will attract dust particles, which will eventually lead to untimely abrasion. This will cause the floor to look dull and worn out. However, by simply making use of a microfiber pad to clean the floor, the deposition of soil particles in micro digs can be averted, thus making the floor look as good as new!

  • Clean Mops

Many a times, home and office space owners forget the importance of using clean mops as well as dirt-free water when it comes to the regular cleaning of the floors. While it is a simple measure to adopt, it can go a really long way in ensuring that the floors look spic and span. This measure is encouraged for both, automatic floor scrubbers as well as bucket cleaning.

  • Neutral Cleanser

In cases when the floor is subjected to heavy traffic, especially in busy workplaces, it is advisable to make use of neutral cleanser instead of regular tap water while wet washing the polished floors. Not only will this help in cleaning the dust particles more efficiently, but will also ensure that no debris is left behind.

  • Time Management

It is extremely important that the cleaner that you’re using for mopping the polished floor is given sufficient time to act on the dust and debris. That being said, it should be ensured that the cleaner is wiped out thoroughly before its dries so that the floor looks as clean as you’d want it to.
With the above-mentioned tips, which are as easy as a piece of cake, you can rest assured of enjoying clean and glossy polished concrete floors for years to come!


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