Legal Advisor Job in Bahrain

job in bahrain

Human Capital House

Location: Bahrain
Ref: OP732-223

Job description / Role

Job Responsibilities:

• Providing legal advice and services through anticipating and evaluating potential legal problems and providing competent
advice and guidance.
• Collaborate with various Lines of Businesses and assist in developing business contracts, interpretation of laws, rulings,
and regulations governing the Bank’s activities.
• Prepare/Review documentation and other legal contracts for ensuring that the Bank’s legal rights are adequately
protected, in all activities undertaken by the Bank.
• Prepare legal documents such as briefs, pleadings, appeals, contracts, initial and amended articles of incorporation,
buy-sell agreements, and so forth.
• Identifying potential legal implications, opportunities and risks under the laws of various countries in which it conducts its
business and advising management appropriately.
• Follow up on litigation and dispute cases; take necessary action(s), prepare memorandums and pursue the
implementation of the decision and ruling in this respect.
• Formulate legal strategies for the legal cases filed by/against the bank to ensure that the Bank’s interest is effectively
safeguarded, and legal obligations are carried out effectively.
• Liaise with external lawyers to implement the strategies and ensure adequate monitoring/follow up.
• Revising existing and new standard legal documentation for conventional and Islamic transactions, so as to create
precedents to be used in the Bank in order to facilitate business needs.
• Prepare memorandums, circulars and external letters as required.
• Provide and recommend accurate legal advice/opinion to the Management and Staff to ensure that decision making is
legally correct and that the Bank’s interests are protected.
• Maintain an awareness of developments in the legal field which might affect the Bank and prepare reports on relevant
matters for consideration by management.
• Assist the various subsidiaries with Legal issues governing these entities.
• Represent the Bank at meetings with external bodies to ensure that legal aspects of any decisions are fully considered.

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Preferred Qualification:

• Bachelor’s degree in law or above
• Comprehensive Background in the legal field & Bahrain Law

Preferred Experience:
• Has a solid background in the Financial Institutions
• Over 6 years of relevant experience in the Legal Affairs and/or Banking Sector

• Bilingual – Fluency in Arabic and English
• Communication skills
• Interpersonal skills
• Negotiation skills
• Analytical skills

About the Company

Human Capital House was set up in the year 2013 with a vision to be a progressive talent acquisition partner for organizations within the local and regional market in the Middle East.

As international markets get ever demanding, corporations globally are presented with the challenges of attracting the right talent. Human capital retention and recruitment remain a critical factor to the success of any company. Strategic decision to recruit the right talent is a key issue to organization as wrong candidate selection can potentially be disastrous to their efficiency.

The critical aspect of choosing the right individual with the apt experience and knowledge becomes more crucial as he/she would need to share the ambitions of the employer, while fitting in to the new culture. Human Capital House has both the experience and expertise to help its clients make the right choice of selection. From understanding client requirements, through identifying and assessing the candidates, our systematic approach strives to ensure successful executive recruitment.