Know The Basics And Must-Have Features For Dust Shroud For Grinder


Dust shrouds for grinders is a type of device which comes attached to tools that are used for grinding, sanding or cutting on dust producing materials like concrete, wood and composites to name a few.  The shroud connects the tool to a vacuum to capture the dust and debris the tool creates when in use. Many dust shrouds attempt to seal the shroud to the surface, but once you turn on the vacuum the shroud can become immediately suction locked to the surface causing damage.

Dust Shroud For Grinder – Bundle of Productivity

The uses of dust shroud for grinder vary, but surface grinders for concrete applications have one thing in common: dust. These devices embraces myriad of purposes, and each one presents the unique opportunity to get the job done with the best equipment while protecting workers and keeping the dust residue easy to deal with.

The Mechanism of Dust Shroud For Grinder

The device is designed to move air/dust and not seal it. This patented design moves air to capture dust, eliminates 100% of suction lock, allowing the grinder to float across the surface like a puck on ice.

The seal creates a vortex of moving air all around the circumference of the shroud from top to bottom, eliminating suction lock and capturing 99% of fugitive dust. The polymer seal is designed to quickly be replaced when worn out and does not require the abrasive or steel shroud to be removed when replacing the seal. The easy to replace polymer seal cuts shroud replacement cost by 75% and takes less than a minute to replace.

Important Features To Have When You Choose Dust Shroud For Grinder

  • The seal of the dust shroud should not touch the floor which will prevent suck-down and decrease fatigue.
  • The size, shape and position of the vacuum should be offering the sturdiest lift of debris and dust within the shroud.
  • The construction of the dust shroud should be of a rigid material either hard wearing steel or softer aluminum.
  • The body of the dust shroud should not twist in the sun or become softer because of the heat of grinding.
  • Rigid Shroud To Eliminate Damage Flexible shrouds damage easily from the grinding wheel when they are pushed against an object. Rigid body shrouds never distort or damage.
  • The seals should be able to be replaced when worn which would be lower cost compared to the cost of a new shroud body.
  • You need a manual that explains every aspect of fitting, use and safety with many illustrations for trouble-free concrete grinding.


Whether you are cutting bricks, shaping stone, fitting tile, working on mortar joints for re-pointing or engaging in surface prep for final finishes, having the right tools in operating condition, along with appropriate protective gear, is paramount to success. There are lots of ways where you can gain knowledge about dust shroud for grinder equipment such as visiting supplier in person and the best is to look on the Internet.

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