Job in Doha, Qatar For Works Inspector – Drainage & Utilities

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Parsons International

Location: Doha, Qatar
Ref: HP094-2623

Job description / Role

Parsons is the consultant of the construction supervision contract of a major road/highway project in Doha. The scope of work includes road, drainage, utilities, landscape, structures, and traffic.

Position Overview

The Works Inspector is assigned to various phases of the drainage works and utilities with an important part in assuring the quality of work in the finished project. He/she will be the eyes and ears of the Site Engineer and the Resident Engineer to ensure compliance of the work with the drawings and specifications. He/she shall be familiar with the plans, specifications, particular specifications, and construction methods for the phases of the work to which he/she has been assigned.

Specific Responsibilities

• Ensure that all construction works are performed in strict accordance with the plans and specifications.
• Maintain a detailed diary of the day’s work activities, work issues, approved or rejected work, hours of operation, labour and equipment used, and sign at the end of each day as directed by the Site Engineer and the Senior Work Inspector.
• Interface with the public and stakeholders adjacent to the work to mitigate the construction impacts.
• Coordinate with the contractor’s foreman in charge of the work on a daily basis to advise on the proper execution of the work.
• Coordinate with the Work Inspectors (Materials) and arrange for sampling and testing of satisfactorily completed work, and quality assurance testing of suspect materials.
• Coordinate with the Surveyors to check the line and grade of ready work and completed work for conformance with the plans and specifications.
• Report questionable methods of operation by the Contractor to the Senior Work Inspector, the Site Engineer or the Resident Engineer.
• Report to the Senior Work Inspector, the Site Engineer or Resident Engineer any failure of the Contractor to perform the work as per the drawings and specifications.
• Process the Inspection Requests and maintain records of their status.
• Maintain detailed records of work performed by the contractor in case the work is performed on a Day Works basis.
• Act professionally but firm in dealings with the Contractor.

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• BSc, BA or Technical Diploma.
• Min of ten postgraduate years of experience and a min. of five years of similar work experience on large infrastructure projects
• Regional experience is preferred.
• Can undertake complex technical support with no supervision tasks such as drafting, graphic design, engineering support, site inspections, IT network administration, document control, KPI computation.

About the Company

Parsons is a leader in many diverse markets such as infrastructure, transportation, water, telecommunications, aviation, commercial, environmental, planning, industrial manufacturing, education, healthcare, life sciences and homeland security.

Parsons provides technical and management solutions to federal, regional and local government agencies as well as private industries worldwide.