International Men’s Day: Top 5 Bollywood dialogues which define desi boys


New Delhi: We don’t really need a day to celebrate the spirit of manhood, right? But soaking in the spirit of honouring a particular day for men makes it even more special. November 19 every year is marked as International Men’s Day.

The day was inaugurated in 1992 on February 7 by Thomas Oaster, who directed the Missouri Center for Men’s Studies at the University of Missouri, Kansas City. Just like Women’s Day is celebrated widely on March 8 every year, let’s put our best shoes on and jive on the occasion of International Men’s Day.

We thought of listing some crazy, heavy-dose Bollywood dialogues which define Indian men aka desi boys spirit to the ‘t’.

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Check them out and tell us how well you connect with it:wanted Well, there are multiple iconic dialogues uttered by the Alpha males of Bollywood, and they surely do define a lot of Indian men out there. Let’s shoulder each other’s responsibilities and pledge to make this world a better place to live in. On this Men’s day, we can do our bit to enjoy the lighter side of life and make merry in great company.


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