International Men’s Day 2018: Things the world must learn from Indian Men

International Men's Day 2018 Things the world must learn from Indian Men

A man feels emotions deeply but seldom expresses them. The men in our lives do a lot for us and never ask for anything in return. Be it your husband, father, brother or friend, each man has a special role to play. Today on the occasion of International Men’s Day, we bring you a post that you can dedicate to every man in your life out there.

So listen up world! Here are five things you must learn from Indian Men:

1. Respect towards Elders

When it comes to respecting the elders, no one does it better than Indian men. In Indian culture, respecting the elders is a norm taught to every child. Men show respect by touching the feet of the elderly whenever they meet them. This tradition exists only in India which makes our dear men so much special!

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2. Commitment

‘Ek baar maine commitment kardi to mai apne aap ki bhi nahi sunta’- This isn’t just a dialogue but the truth that Indian men uphold with pride. They are never afraid of commitment and when they say something will be done, it usually is done (exceptions are there, of course).

3. Respect for Tradition

Upholding tradition is yet another quality which must be mentioned. An Indian man will always value and respect his tradition, even if he doesn’t agree with them at times!

4. Care for Family

Love and respect for parents and caring nature towards family is something we are thankful to them for! It isn’t always the mother asking ‘beta tune khana khaya?’, in India, our men are very caring towards their family. They might not show it often but love their family dearly and would go to any extent for their benefit.

5. Sense of Humour

Last, but not the least their humour will make you go ROFL most of the times. Not everyone has the sense of humour that Indian men are blessed with and this quality is something that we all are thankful for!

Here’s wishing everyone a very Happy International Men’s day 2018!