India ranks 40th in Global Competitiveness Index, 3rd among BRICS nations


New Delhi: In a yet another indication that the country’s economy is getting stronger by every passing day, India has been placed at 40th spot in the World Economic Forum’s (WEF) Global Competitiveness Index (GCI) 2017-18.

According to a World Economic Forum report, India is ranked 40th among 137 economies on the Global Competitiveness Index.

Switzerland, United States, and Singapore continue to be the world’s top three competitive economies, while China (27th) and Russia (38th) outshine India among the BRICS group of large emerging markets.

According to the WEF report, India is 3rd among the BRICS countries on the Global Competitiveness Index.

plantThe WEF report highlights that India, which remains the top-ranked economy in South Asia, has significantly improved in infrastructure, higher education, and labour market efficiency.

“Among the emerging markets seen as having great potential in the early 2000s, Brazil and Turkey have now lost much of the ground they gained before 2013, but China, India and Indonesia continue to improve,” the WEF report said.

While India has been placed at the 40th spot, it is one position lower than last year.

The GCI report, which measures the factors that are crucial to future productivity and prosperity of countries, highlights how 10 years after the 2008 global crisis the financial sector is still vulnerable and unprepared for the next wave of innovation and automation.

The WEF report comes at a time when India is trying hard to scale 40 spots to reach the 90th rank in 2017-18 in the World Bank’s ease of doing the business survey this year.

It is to be noted that the GCI scores are calculated on the basis of 12 categories called ‘pillars of competitiveness’, which include parameters like institutions, infrastructure, health and primary education, labour market efficiency, financial market development, technological readiness and market size.


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