Angle grinders can be said to be one of the best inventions that humanity has had over the years. It is a very useful tool when it comes to taking care of a number of needs like cutting through metals and concrete, getting rid of old paint from surfaces using sanding pads, polishing of metallic surfaces using the relevant brushes, sharpening tools that become blunt after continuous use, and also grinding of metals which is the most common use for this tool.
For all the purposes stated above, it is therefore vital that you have the best tool to work with so that you can have the best results. Even so, if you are a newbie in this area of life, how will you know that you have chosen the best tool for work? Many factors can guide you in your selection, and they include:

  • The price: The price is directly affected by its feature as well as the company behind the machine. Even so, go for an angle grinder that fits your budget, and it is a quality product. However, never compromise the quality because of the price.
  • The size: You can either choose a large angle grinder which ranges between 7 inches and 9 inches or a smaller one that falls below seven inches. This will depend on the kind of work you will use it for. If you are using it on a large surface, pick the large one.
  • The speed: Most grinders will indicate the no load speed which is the speed before you start cutting through a surface. Harder surfaces will require faster speed. On the other hand, slower speed will produce minimal noise.
  • The voltage and wattage it will need: Angle grinders come with different voltage and wattage. The best and most powerful grinder will have a higher voltage, and it will also require more power.
  • The brakes: The grinder should have superior brakes that can get the grinder to stop as soon as they are applied. If not, you risk having the results that you did not wish to have.
  • The guard: Angle grinders must have a guard that is adjustable, and it should keep one safe from sparks that will be thrown around when in use as well as debris.
  • Anti-vibration feature: The handle should be secured from vibrations produced when in use to make one more comfortable for long hours. The vibrations increase fatigue.
  • The weight: This is a major factor because the weight will also determine its ease of use. Works that require angle grinders is no joke. Having that extra weight to worry about makes it even harder.

You can now walk into that store and look out for what you need following the above pointers.
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