How the Imagine Cup is encouraging students to boost innovation in the UAE

How the Imagine Cup is encouraging students to boost innovation in the UAE

Encouraging innovation has always been high on the list for the UAE government, especially in a city like Dubai where innovation is present everywhere. From world-first buildings to record-breaking achievements, Dubai is known for its unique creations. This attitude of always searching for the next big thing has spread to the younger generations living in the UAE and is greatly encouraged by our leaders.

One of the ways that students are encouraged to boost innovation in the UAE is through the Imagine Cup. Microsoft Gulf launched the UAE edition of the Imagine Cup earlier this year with Emaar Properties, designed to encourage the student community to come up with innovative technology ideas that will help the country advance. Primarily aimed at student developers, participants are encouraged to put forward ideas that will ‘mold the world of tomorrow’. The winners of the UAE edition were Green Jam, made up of an Egyptian, an Emirati and a Palestinian, who designed a machine to sort different materials through recognition cameras, including plastic, metal and paper, to help with the country’s recycling. They will now head to the World Finals to compete for the chance to win $100,000.

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Just like our AJSM Hero Campaign that encourages young entrepreneurs across the UAE to submit their business ideas for the chance to win advice, funding and support, projects like the Imagine Cup are in place to build a brighter tomorrow. After all, the young generation won’t be young for long, and will soon be the business leaders in the UAE. Without the correct training, encouragement and support, young entrepreneurs and innovative thinkers will not reach their full potential, which will ultimately affect the prospects and growth of our country.

The list of youth-focused initiatives is long but there can never be enough support for future entrepreneurs. Only through creating a stronger workforce of tomorrow can the UAE reach its goals of becoming an innovative and sustainable country. Initiatives like the Imagine Cup help us get one step closer to achieving that goal, but companies need to do even more to boost innovation and entrepreneurship. Together we can build a more innovative future.


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