How A Perfect Shaadi Profile Will Help In Your Partner Search!

How A Perfect Shaadi Profile Will Help In Your Partner Search!

Describing yourself is one of the most difficult things to do. Well, even more so when you have to write about yourself in a short space. A well-written profile is a job half-done in your journey of finding the right match. Here are some tips to making the perfect matchmaking profile:

  • About You:
    To set your priorities right, the About You section is the heart and soul of your Shaadi profile. It’s the window to who you are so to say! Make sure you give it a good thought and fill it enough so it gives a clear picture of who you are. Keep it short and crisp but don’t miss out on details like your likes/dislikes, food habits, career aspirations, religious beliefs and your family background or whatever is important to you. Most of us are shy about approaching anyone online and don’t make an effort to reach out to a stranger unless we are really impressed. If you have a well-written profile it provides a good conversation starter for anyone and makes it easy for someone who would like to get in touch with you.

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  • Profile Completion:
    The idea of having a detailed matrimony profile is for everyone to provide a fair bit of understanding of the person you are going to talk to. A profile that has complete details also implies that you are serious about finding your life partner. The primary reason for not providing personal details is the fear of identity theft but stay assured that takes extensive steps to make sure only people who are seriously looking for a life-partner are provided membership. Your profile is not available to be viewed by the public but only members who have are premium members.
  • Right Partner Preference:
    Be honest and sensitive to other members on the network. It is always a good idea to say, “I am looking for a life partner who is loving, understanding, career-oriented and shares the same religious beliefs” after all it is not an OLX ad where you are looking to buy a wardrobe. Also, mention things that are of utmost importance to you. For example: you should mention that you are looking to marry someone who shares the same food habit or if you are okay to relocate out of your current city after marriage.
  • That Perfect Profile Picture:
    The first thing anybody notices about your profile is your profile picture so make sure to upload a clear and high resolution picture on your profile. It is always a bad idea to use a photo filter. Keep it natural and don’t forget to smile!

We wish you all the best in your partner search!

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