High-quality floor scraper does all the cleaning in no time


Florida, USA: All your messy cleaning can now be done in no time. While using a floor scraper, hold it like a broom or rake. Floor scraping separates everything that you have been trying to remove from your floor. Before going for the new flooring, it is essential to remove all the dirty materials like glue stuck in the carpet or any paint as this can even damage the floor.
Scraping ensures that the floor is now clear and smooth, hence, ready for resurfacing. Scraping is also the best way to get rid of any unwanted dirt or grease in office or industrial environments. Other use of the scraper includes the removal of old carpet which has been glued directly. It is also useful for removing the staples from plywood and particle floors.
If you are planning to use the scraper next time, make sure you only choose Xtreme Polishing Systems. We are the full-time rental and retail company that provides best floor tool across the United States, Canada, Mexico and overseas. At our business, we only believe in providing quality products for both the large and small firms and households. We also consider in dealing with our customers as a part of the family.
All our floor scraper are made up of the highest quality steel with the best stainless steel blade that is being used for the removal of glue, stains, tiles, food, etc. If you buy from us, we guarantee to provide:FLOOR SCARAPERS

  • Heavy duty steel construction.
  • Durable steel blade.
  • Stainless steel blade.
  • Modules are available for replacement.
  • Rubber on the handle for comfort.

Only an expert knows that what it takes for the preparation of floor. Xtreme Polishing Systems only equip the products that able to deliver productive and best results. We also believe that it is not only about the quality, but we also ensure that the unit that we recommend is the right one for your job to tackle. That is why we have the range of products that include 240 & 300 super rugged, 240 volts, that are nowhere available in the market.
The strippers will remove all the dust from floor tiles and coverings. What floor covering you have to clear, now is the time to go for Xtreme Polishing Systems to ensure that all your floorings can be done well. Wait no more to experience Xtreme Polishing.
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Phone: 877–958- 5264
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