Hard Concrete Densifier

Hard Concrete Densifier

The cleanliness and appearance of your floors reflect directly on your business. Xtreme polishing System job is to help ensure they continue to look great all year around.

Hard Concrete Densifier

Hard Concrete Densifier and chemical hardener compound is a water-based, ready-to-use, clear silicate liquid, formulated with chemically reactive raw materials to harden and dustproof concrete.

This waterborne solution, when properly applied, offers a substantial improvement in abrasion and chemical resistance and will significantly improve the durability of the concrete surface when compared to untreated concrete.

Hard Concrete Densifier is applied and penetrates into the concrete surface; a chemical reaction takes place, producing a by product that fills in the pores of the concrete. This process produces a substantially denser concrete surface with enhanced durability.

Hard concrete densifier is recommended for use wherever hardened, dust-proofed, and improved chemical- and abrasion-resistant surfaces are required. Ideal applications include floors in industrial plants and warehouses, storage silos, sewage plants, chemical processing facilities, refineries, and heavy pedestrian floors traffic areas, such as civic centers, sports arenas, stadiums, hospitals, airports, and museums. Hard concrete densifier can successfully be used in conjunction with shake-on hardeners.

Benefits of Hard Concrete Densifier:

  1. Provides a permanent, attractive sheen with the ability to polish.
  2. Protects against scratching or peeling.
  3. Improves light reflectance.
  4. Ready to use from the container and easy to apply.

Chemical Floor Hardeners

Many a time surface of a concrete floor is not hard enough for the type of use it is put to. The result is that it wears or dusts off rapidly. It is possible to increase the life of such floors by application of certain materials known as ‘hardeners’.

Floor hardeners are generally used for the purpose of hardening the upper matrix of Portland cement concrete surface, reducing the suction of liquids into the surface pores and minimizing or preventing the possible chemical attack. They are effective if the floor is of good quality, although they have sometimes been used successfully on inferior quality concrete surfaces too. Even on good quality concrete, the treatment needs renewal at intervals of one year or more depending on service conditions.

All surface treatments require a clean, dry and dust-free surface. As many surface hardeners are water sensitive or have poor resistance to vapor pressure from below, a concrete floor on the ground should be constructed with an impermeable membrane.

You can start it by spreading the dry sand over the top surface of the freshly laid concrete to provide a mechanical key to surface hardener treatment. Old floors should be scrubbed with soap and water, flushed clean with fresh water and allowed to dry.

Surface treatments described above should be judiciously selected for particular hazards. The selection of one or more of these treatments will be governed by satisfactory performance under specific working conditions and by cost. All types of surface hardeners and coatings need periodical renewals. Increased cost with some of the treatments is often justified under certain difficult conditions. Xtreme polishing system gives you all these services at one place.


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