Hand Held Grinders

Hand Held Grinders

These power tools are used for abrasive cutting, grinding and polishing different materials. It has an abrasive wheel which is its crucial part. The grinder in the machine is known to be as a workpiece. From different workpieces and variety of metals are used for grinding. These machines are used in different industries and are for the grinding different materials for the same.

These are developed originally as a rigid abrasive disc for grinding, the interchangeable power source has availability has encouraged to use with the wide variety of attachments and cutters.

Most of the Handheld grinders are powered by compressed air, petrol engine, and an electric motor. The geared head is driven by a thinner cut-off disc or an abrasive disc and either one of each can be replaced when worn out. They have a side handled or an adjustable guard for two-hand operation. Certain grinders can be used as sanders and depend upon speed can be employed as a sanding disc with a backing disc or pad in addition. The backing systems are typically made of hard plastic, a synthetic polymer called phenolic resin, and medium or hard rubber depending on the amount of flexibility as desired.

Grinders are the best standard equipment that can be found on a construction site or in a metal fabrication store. Can also be commonly found along with bench grinders and die grinders in a machine shop.


Hand Held Grinders have great uses for heavy duty and are as follows:

  • They help in making rough spaces smooth.
  • They help in getting rid of paint spills, bad concrete jobs, and formwork seams or protrusions.
  • And lastly, they also help in removing concrete glue or work flaws.

There are so many grinders out there which are very dynamic grinding tools for concrete demolition and various other purposes.

The most incredible benefits of Hand-held grinding tools are:
  1. To roughen up the surfaces

One of the most popular benefits of the handheld grinders is that they smooth out the rough surface before any other coating or concrete is applied. Sometimes when your floors and walls need some coating they can be used to roughen up the surfaces.

2. Efficient removal of Defaced items

These grinders are better suited for jobs and project like removing Graffiti or worn out murals which are painted on walls. These also have a benefit of removing defaced parts from the floors which need to be removed.

3. They can help in accessing difficult places to reach

Certain angled Hand-held grinders can easily access too hard to reach places in difficult locations in a building or home. They can even work in a vertical structure which is tough to operate on. Also, can be fitted to tiny spaces right before the walls.

4. Lightweight Hand-held grinders are very much portable and are easy to use and getting rid of concrete blemishes etc. as they are usually 5 and 9 inches. This gives them added advantages of carrying them around easily and for reaching difficult places as they are lightweight.