Hand Angle Grinder

Hand Angle Grinder

Hand Angel grinder is used to finish the grinding process in constructing furniture, materials and other raw materials. The grinder made up of glass steel used for cutting and grinding.

An angle grinder is designed by taking care that it can be handle easily. The grip should be more comfortable so it became easy to handle the grinder easily. The maximized airing plan is used in Practical grinder fuselage so the airflow directly to the moor and reduce the heat of motor while machine is used for a long time. The proper ventilation will keep the temperature of grinder machine at low.

The advantage of Angle grinder is that it is a multipurpose tool:

The machine can be used for carpentry, Plumbing, Painting and flooring. When you are using grinder machine you can adjust it according to your desired angle it is easy to rotate it.

A simple grinder machine can be used to perform so many works and will make the work short also. In the construction materials, furniture and other raw materials is often used angle grinder to complete the grinding process, the angle grinder is a common electric tool of glass steel for cutting and grinding.

Angle grinder handle design is very ergonomic; the user holding the grinder will have a more comfortable grip and will not easily fall off. Practical angle grinder fuselage used the maximized ventilation design; special treatment of the air inlet makes the air flow directly to the motor, greatly reducing the work of the motor heat to ensure that the angle grinder body at a low temperature level for a long time.

High-quality angle grinder will also be designed to be able to rotate the form of grinding head, when using grinding machine, it can be adjusted appropriately according to the desired angle to be polished, and high-quality grinding machine with the design of the spindle lock can greatly improve the efficiency of grinding.

How to use hand angle grinder:

Use a wire brush for cleaning

Clean rust and caked-on cement and dirt from garden tools with a wire cup. Secure the work with clamps or a vise. Make sure the brush is spinning away from, not into, the edge. Otherwise, the brush can catch on the edge and cause the grinder to kick back at you.

Paint removal

Remove paint with a wire wheel. Again, be careful to work away from, not into, sharp edges. Wire wheels fit into crevices and tight areas.

Wire cup brush

Wire brushes work great for large, flat areas.

Wire wheel

Wire wheels fit into tight spaces.

Wire wheels remove rust and flaking paint quickly. Wire wheel and brush attachments are designed for different types of stripping, cleaning and debarring tasks. Wire cup brushes work best for stripping paint or rust from broad, flat areas. Wire wheels fit into crevices and corners more easily. Wheel and brush attachments come in a wide variety of styles. Read the packaging to find one that works for your application. Also make sure to match the threads to the spindle threads on your grinder. Most angle grinders have 5/8-in. spindle threads, but there are a few oddballs.

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