Google discontinues manufacture of Chromecast Audio device

Google discontinues manufacture of Chromecast Audio device

San Francisco: Google is discontinuing the production of its “Chromecast Audio” — a Wi-Fi enabled audio streaming dongle — that allowed users to play music on speakers that were not compatible with Wi-Fi connectivity.

“Our product portfolio continues to evolve and now we have a variety of products for users to enjoy audio and we have therefore stopped manufacturing our `Chromecast Audio` products,” a CNET report quoted a Google spokesperson as saying last weekend.

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Google`s present range of smart speakers including Google Home, Google Home Mini, Google Home Max and Google Home Hub.

“Chromecast Audio” is, however still available for purchase on Google`s website until stock runs out.

“We will continue to offer assistance for `Chromecast Audio` devices, so users can continue to enjoy their music, podcasts and more,” the spokesperson added.

The tech giant first announced the device in 2015.