Google AI-based grammar checker now available for all G Suite users

Google AI-based grammar checker now available for all G Suite users

New Delhi: Search Engine giant Google has said its artificial intelligence (AI)-based grammar checker is now available for all users of G Suite.

“Earlier this year we introduced a BETA for new grammar suggestions in Google Docs. Now we’re making this feature available for G Suite Basic, Business, and Enterprise users,” Google said in a blog.

Google said that the new features enhance existing spell check functions and highlight possible grammatical errors in text. Google is also introducing a revamped interface for reviewing spelling and grammar suggestions which makes it faster and easier to spot and correct errors in text.

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Possible grammar corrections will be underlined in blue. To see a suggested correction or dismiss the alert, simply right-click. Users will also see possible grammar errors when running a spelling and grammar check through the Tools menu.

Users can easily review all language suggestions for document with the updated spelling and grammar check tool. They can access it through the “Tools” menu or right-click on a suggestion and select “Review more suggestions” — you’ll see each suggestion and actions to correct any errors.

This feature will be on by default and will not be available to G Suite Enterprise for Education, and G Suite for Nonprofits, Google said.