Floor Burnishing Pads

A burnished floor refers to a concrete slab that has been trawled upon to the point that it is smooth and glossy. The goal of burnishing is to produce durable, impervious and smooth concrete that is free of any towel marks.  To achieve this, you will need some equipment, the most important equipment required is the floor burnisher. This is to produce a burnished finish which will ensure no footprints or screed marks appear. Another important equipment is the floor burnishing pad.

A burnisher is a floor machine that has high-speed rotor attached to a large burnishing pad which spins at high speed to produce a polished shine on floor surfaces. They spin at speeds ranging from 1500 to 3000 rpm.

Burnishing pads

These are natural, synthetic pads having a large diameter,which has different grits sizes and are used together with a burnishing machine to maintain and restore coatings to a high gloss sheen. This is made possible when it rotates at speeds at speeds of 100-300 rpm.

Xtreme polishers have a number burnishing pads available in the market, they include:

a) Roll-X Pad – Burnishing pads are available in many sizes: 27-inch,24-inch,21-inch,20-inch,17-inch,13-inch,11-inch, and 9-inch. These pads are high-grade floor burnishing pads that give a universal fit for most commonly used burnishing machines. The specially designed mesh provides a uniform finish.

b) Heat Pad – They come in various sizes. The features include 90º + Heat bonds silicate coatings, Uses unique heat shield, some of them are two sided giving them double the life span compared to ordinary ones. It has a blend of synthetic and natural fibers. Great for use after the 3000 grit burnishes by the use of any impregnated diamond cream pad.

c) Prem burnishes – Available in different sizes, these Prem Burnish Pads from XPS are aggressive with the correct ratio of synthetic fiber to a heavy blend of natural hairs. Best suited for hard to medium finishes rotating at speeds ranging from 1500 RPM to a maximum of 3000 RPM.

d) Environmental curing pad – Available in different sizes, this optimum appearance is provided by Environmental Curing Pad and results in the fine finishing of uneven floor surfaces, marble surfaces or smooth stone without marking or burning the floor. Excellent as a curing pad on soft coatings or a fresh coat.

e) Red Buffing Pad The 13-inch Red Buffing Pads restores gloss and removing scuff marks dirt traffic on common areas. It can be used in conditions of dry or spray to produce a sparkling shine buffing.It is available in round, or octagon shapes making itideal for automatic scrubbing. Most of the pads are available in some grit such as 400,800, 1500 and 3000.

If you are thinking of doing polishing of concrete and why not use Xtreme polishing systems they have a range of burnishers that can suit your every need.


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