Garage Floor Paint Colors

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Whether near an office or a house, the floor paint plays an important role in providing a protective coating to the surface. Special requirements are meant to be made once choosing the right floor paint for your garage area to make it more functional and durable.
There are three types of Garage floor paints namely oil, latex and epoxy.When painting your garage which is prone to humidity and acidic elements epoxy is then best suggested. Epoxy is the most durable out of the three types. It can protect floors from sudden wear and tear and can last much longer. Epoxy is durable and is resistant to oil accumulation. Before applying epoxy paint on your garage floor it is advised to degrease and clean the area thoroughly to achieve best results for painting application. These oil-based paints are then mixed with polyurethane for durability and to provide the smooth and shiny finish. When applying urethane one must always keep in mind that it should be first left to be dry for which is at least 48 hours before coating.
These oil-based paints are best for both indoors and outdoor areas of the garage.  On the other hand, latex paints are designed especially for the decorative finish to outdoor and indoor home and industrial masonry. It can basically be applied to concrete, wood, primed metal surfaces. It has a very lesser odour and is a quick dry material.
Following points are to be kept in mind while purchasing floor paints for the garage:

  • Select the type of surface that needs to be painted in the garage.
  • Check the area of ventilation where the paint will be applied.

Ask for the assistance of an expert to choose the right paint for the floor to avoid any problem.
Concrete paint is a misnomer when understanding and describing the colouring compound used for concrete floors. These are specially designed for concrete surfaces as dyes or water-based acrylic stains. They can penetrate any porous surfaces and thus provide achievement in permanent colouring effect. This colouring effect may range from semi-translucent, opaque and metallic tints and other colours of standard classification. These paints also breaths out the trapped moisture in them that can be found beneath the porous surface. It can prevent blisters and discolouration of the tropical colour.

Concrete Dyes

These are chemically non-reactive paints and can provide a lasting colouring effect due to their small particle size which permits the colour them to penetrate through the porous surface easily.

Water-based acrylic Stains

These are basically a mix of acrylic pigments and polymers that can penetrate deep down through the porous concrete garage floor to achieve permanent colour. Many of the manufacturers of these type of paints offer a wide variety of colours for water-based stains. Some are standard colours some, metallic tints and may also include colours in black and white.

Tinted sealers

These are used for the sole purpose of sealing compounds for floor colouring method and concrete. This type of colouring option suites and benefits most of those who want subtler colour effect for their concrete floors like to achieve the semi-transparent finish.


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