Floor Scrubber Machine

Floor Scrubber Machine

A Scrubber Machine is a floor cleaning tool used to scrub or soft clean any floor of different types and surfaces. These type of cleaning machines are used primarily for removing oil based spills, floor marks, grease dust and light amounts of rubbish accumulated on your floor over time. The scrubbers defer from different cleaning machines as those are ideal for shampooing or cleaning carpets along with moping but not the liking to floor kind.

Four Main Types of Floor Scrubber

For different environments and market sector, there are 04 main types of floor scrubbing machine. These can range from those of the scrubbers which can easily be packed and stored. Most of the machines are mains operate or battery operated and also, some machines are standard or ride-on which means that the operator walks behind and assists the machine to reach different locations and areas for scrubbing. Also with the technological advancement in the recent past years, there can be some scrubbing floor machines which have an artificial mind of their own and can scrub the area by themselves, you just have to push a button and you don’t have to worry about anything.

Battery & Mains Operated

A Battery operated floor scrubber is best used in the working environment where the available power sockets are at far away distance and difficult to reach from the area which needs to be covered. These have an inbuilt battery in them which can be charged and can be used for around 4 to 5 hours. An alternative battery can also be replaced if necessary. On the other hand, the mains operated floor scrubbers are the most popular ones among the users, the battery model is most suitable for the smaller places like a washroom which have hard to reach areas which becomes a bit more awkward when scrubbing is done with a power cable connected to it.

Fold-away Floor Scrubbers

There are some business floor areas where space is at a premium floor and therefore due to limited amounts of space the machines need to be stored away in cupboards and storage areas. These machines are compact and are easier to use as the man arm which is used to maneuver the machine can be folded in several places.

Walking or Ride-on Machines

These ride-on machines are best suited for the likes of larger areas mostly warehouse or a retail unit. These machines are most likely having the option for you as the operator who has the whole command to steer around obstacles and corners having a good vantage point.  These can collect dirty water from the cleaned surface in tanks of 250 liters or equivalent which they carry around. Some other models are also there which can be operated by the user walking behind who can steer the same.

Floor Scrubbing Technology

Every and each brand of scrubber has its own U.S.P (Unique Selling Point) and features. These points and features help different businesses to keep their floor cleaner. There are a wide variety and range of floor scrubbers available for consumers to choose from. Fold way scrubbers are good for small areas where there are less and compact spaces to store whereas the battery operated models are good for cleaning areas which are far from the socket. On the other hand ride- on floor scrubbers gives the liberty to the user for steering it around and to go different areas and at the same time providing a good visibility of the surface as to where it needs to be cleaned. These are therefore quite handy and have made cleaning a much easier and efficient work without any burden.