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It’s a time-consuming business of keeping a shiny floor in a pristine condition. They suffer from a high volume of traffic which needs to be protected and treated with immense care for five to six times a year.Several layers of polishing are required before stripping away any existing coatings, re-applying a new coating and buffing the surface each time. This will keep the floor out of action for quite some time.
This process takes a lot of time as polishing cannot be rushed if you want favourable and effective results. The older and more resilient floors require more time then the new ones and with the help of Floor polishing pads, those desired of the best-looking flooring can be attained.
One should understand, when treating a floor with the help of traditional methods there is no room for any shortcut whatsoever. It’s a task as similar to that of painting an outdoor wall. It requires right kind of preparation. Always need to choose and apply fewer layers or the surface will wear out fast. Thus, manufacturer’s recommendation for polishing and stripping is required.
For best results and a productive floor polishing there requires a balanced number of factors like using the right type of stripping chemical in the right amount of dilution in accordance with the thickness of the polishing film. Also, a heavy single disk scrubbing machine offers a great help as they have the right stripping pad for the said purpose.
Floor polishing pads are constructed of high porosity and quality for durability. They are attached to floor machines and are available with a wide range of texture and material allowing the machine to act wonders over the floor. These polishing pads bring a high shine to the hard floors.Available for scrubbing,burnishing and buffing, thereby presenting a clean and polished floor. These are made of the highest quality material and produces best-desired results throughout the lifetime. Our pads are coated through saturation for best performance and are offers huge advantages in cleaning, durability and productivity.
It greatly benefits the wellbeing of the user as these pads are innovatively designed and reduce the Hand-Arm vibration significantly. They provide finished floors without the use of any chemicals or even uneven floor types for that matter. In addition to this, they are available at a great deal of price making them cost-effective.
By setting a new benchmark the floor pads have revolutionized cleaning and are designed for maintenance task like scrubbing, stripping and cleaning, it reduces the labor cost and effectively lowers production.

  • Soil elimination: up to 60%
  • Expediting by 6 times for the removal of black marts
  • It extends the life of pad by 25 times
  • The endurance of pad: up to 10 times

Things to consider
Before a basic texturing, scarifying, grinding, cleaning or polishing process it is important first to prepare the surface. On the surface which you are going to work on, have to make sure to check the bond or the hardness before choosing the flooring pad and equipment.
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